**Greetings! It’s been a while since I tended my blog, I’ve been busy running around college and whatnot. But it looks like that’s about to change since I’ll be using this blog to document my Robotics module, so let’s get started!**

Robotics 3.1

As was mentioned I am starting a new module called  robotics this year and I shall be documenting it using this blog.  On this first official post I shall be talking about what the module aims to teach us and the components given to us to work with. And some of my ideas that I’ll use the sensors for.

The module revolves around using the dsPIC30f4011 and integrating sensors and actuators to it. The dsPIC is the beefier brother of the normal PIC we used last year in the robosumo tournament, it has more PWM pins and more analog pins and can be seen in action on my last post. Another aspect of the module is communication with the dsPIC, the main mode we shall be using is UART as far as I know, but I’ve been reading about I2C for about a month now since I’ll be using this(hopefully) for my main event. Another big thing is the concept of Pulse Width Modulation which I talked about(in babytalk) again, in my last post. I’ll be explaining it a bit more thoroughly come the post where I use my servo.

On the second week of the module, we were given a ziploc bag containing sensors and actuators to work with. These materials are:

Materials on ziploc bag:

  1. dsPIC30f4011
  2. Servo Motor
  3. Stepper motor
  4. Geared DC motor
  5. H-Bridge
  6. 1 x OPB704 IR sensor
  7. Random small components

My own materials that I plan to use:

  1. Extra dsPIC & PIC
  2. PICkit2
  3. Sharp Rangefinder
  4. Extra IR sensors
  5. IR LEDs
  6. IR reciever
  7. Piezo-Electric transducer discs
  8. Resistance Temperature Detectors
  9. Light Dependent Resistors
  10. Wii nunchuck, Wiimote , and Wii Motion Plus

As it can be seen: most of the stuff given to us; we already worked with. The only new thing really is the PIC itself but only by a trivial factor. That’s all I can think of for now anyway. I already have templates for the Servo motor made a week after my DC motor post but there’s no point posting it now as it’s just a potentiometer controlling the angle, and that’s no fun! Coming up in a few hours : Stepper motor used to make an analog voltmeter. Sneak preview here.


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